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In the essay you’re going to expand on the points that you made in the paragraph you’re going to start your introduction not with the topic sentence you’re going to use some background or a hook that will grab the audience’s attention before you state your belief I like to call this setting the table you’re going to get the audience or your readers ready for what you’re going to say so in the first version of this presentation I did an essay a rather a paragraph in which I stated that I strongly believe that more people in Phoenix should use bicycles to get from place to place that was my introduction one sentence but for a persuasive essay on the same job subject I’m going to expand that introduction to a full paragraph here’s an example bicycles have been with us since the late 19th century and they’re a popular mode of transportation around the world in the United States there’s been a burst of interest in bicycles in recent years and many cities around the country have become bicycle friendly by setting aside safe bicycle lanes on streets increasing public awareness of cyclists and taking other steps.

Our city should do the same I strongly believe that more people in Phoenix should use bicycles to get from place to place so if we look at the first part of this paragraph and admittedly a couple of these sentences could be shortened somewhat but I tell you a little bit about bicycles and a little bit of what’s going on around the United States to make cities more bicycle friendly I’ve set the table for what I want to say in my opinion finally the lessons of the paragraph is my topic sentence that’s where I tell you what my belief is everything else in this composition is going to be related to that sentence in blue I strongly believe that more people in Phoenix should use bicycles to get from place to place alright.

I’m not going to read these out loud I’ll give you a few men at the moments rather to read this on your own but here are the sentences that made up the body of the persuasive paragraph I basically made three points to argue for more use of bikes in Phoenix first second third and then I also have my refutation some people might argue that bikes or Impala are impractical for carrying packages and other loads and so on and so forth the entire body in just a few sentences but here too we are going to expand each of these points into separate paragraphs let’s take argument one first bicycles are powered by the writer’s muscles so they do not create air pollution imagine that you say this to somebody you’re trying to convince of your point of view and the person comes back to you and says that’s interesting tell me more well Phoenix is covered by a brown cloud of pollution in the winter which is unsightly and makes it difficult for some people to breathe by relying on bicycles more and cars less we may be able to get rid of some of this air pollution.