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You might want to use information for your assignment from the internet if you do this be very careful that the information you choose is of an appropriate demyx standard you should now be ready to start the writing process you might want to first start with writing some outlines for each section use subject headings under these headings write notes if your lecturer tells you how they would like your assignment structured follow their instructions if not this is a fairly standard way of setting out as an essay the introduction normally about 10% of your words sets the scene outlines the areas you will cover and allows you to show that you have understood the question the main body of the essay builds the points of your argument and provides examples and evidence as support for your argument. Learn more about finding sources of information at Edusson.

It’s made up of a number of paragraphs each paragraph should deal with one main point and similar information should be grouped together the conclusion again about 10% of the essay should provide a summary of the arguments or main points in your essay it should relate back to the question and should introduce no new information paragraphs are the main building blocks of essays it’s useful to think of paragraph as a mini essay with an introductory sentence the main body of the paragraph and then a concluding sentence in this example the introductory sentence states that gold is prized for two reasons the main body of the paragraph goes on to describe the two reasons and includes examples for both and the final sentence summarizes the two reasons for goals value all ideas that you use in your work should be fully referenced correct referencing ensures that you are being honest and courteous and acknowledging the work of others referencing also adds to the credibility of your work by showing that your ideas are based on the academic work of others it also allows you to demonstrate the breadth of your research referencing also allows your readers to look at the work you have based your ideas on all ideas that you use must be referenced even if you have paraphrased or summarized them further details on correct referencing are available on our webpages academic writing is about communicating your ideas.

So the language you use should be clear and concise you don’t need to use long and complicated words academic text books and journal articles provide examples of the type of writing your lecture is expecting from you spelling typing and grammatical errors can lose you marks make sure you allow enough time to proofread your assignment the best way to proofread is to print it out and read it out so in summary when writing an academic essay you need to make sure that you understand the question be really clear about what the lecturer wants you to do keep your answer relevant to the question plan your essay a good plan is essential to a good academic essay use appropriate academic language make sure that your essay is reference correctly allow yourself time to fully proofread your work.