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Peter Eichele was the proprietor of a business variously listed as Peter Eichele or Peter Eichele & Co. in St. Louis Missouri. The company was listed in St. Louis city directories for the years 1867 to 1870.

Peter Eichele Essay

On June 10, 1866, Butler and Carpenter sent a proof to “Peter Eichele & Co.” for inspection. Peter Eichele apparently requested the change in company name at this time, as the next reference to the die was on July 31, 1866, when Butler and Carpenter sent the “P. Eichele & Co.” die to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

P. Eichele & Co. Stamp


The P. Eichele & Co. stamp was approved on August 3, 1866, with the first delivery of stamps later that month.

Eichele & Co. Stamp


The private die stamps were modified to read “Eichele & Co.” in early 1876.  Peter Eichele apparently died or retired around 1870 and the business was then listed under the name of Eichele & Co., and was listed as being operated by August (or Augustus) Eichele at the same address of 1503 Columbus Street. August Eichele was apparently a relative and operated his own match company in St. Louis, which also issued a private die proprietary stamp.