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The Third Federal Issue

The Third Federal Issue of embossed revenue stamps were created to fund the War of 1812.  The stamps were authorized by the Act of August 2, 1813, effective January 1, 1814.  Pursuant to the Act of December 23, 1817, the taxes expired on December 31, 1817.  Unlike the First and Second Federal Issue embossed revenues, which were applied to many types of …

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The Second Federal Issue

The Second Federal Issue was placed in use on March 1, 1801, and was in use through June 30, 1802.  The tax rates during this period were the same as for the First Federal Issue; however, the distribution procedures changed.  The Act of April 6, 1802 repealed the taxes paid by the embossed revenue stamps, …

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Virginia State Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper

Pursuant to the Act of February 20, 1813, and the Act of December 21, 1814, Virginia issued embossed revenue stamped paper.  The taxes authorized by the 1813 Act were in effect May 1, 1813 through April 30, 1815.  The taxes authorized by the 1814 Act were in effect May 1, 1815 through February 27, 1816.  …

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